Best Delta shower head reviews

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What is the purpose of a shower head if not to submerge your entire body under a rainfall of warm water? It is by no means an exaggeration when we say that a shower head is literally the most important part of a shower as it can make a whole lot of a difference upon a mandatory daily activity.

The only problem with this fictitious scenario is that not all shower heads are designed to our pleasing and often times than not, we end up stuck with the standard / boring shower head.

You, on the other hand, need a rewarding shower every time you wake up because at this day and age, it’s not easy at all to just get out of bed on first glance. That unless you have a nice little shower to look forward to and that explains why we made you this list of the 10 best Delta shower heads in the industry as of now.

Best Delta Faucet shower head reviews

1 – Delta Faucet 58467 shower head review

Delta Faucet 58467 shower head reviewThis is the Delta 58467, also known as the most affordable high quality shower head on Amazon. Not a joke but this head is extremely practical at a significantly friendly price tag and that is something you should take into consideration while brushing through this list.

The water bursting machine at hand is a neat little piece of technology, featuring a large adjustable shower head, which is capable of reaching every part of your body, and a removable hand shower for the finishing touches. This of course has a couple extra functions besides washing your body as it can be used to wash your pets or to clean your tub once you’re done.

The spray settings include an immersive full body spray mode, a fast massage spray mode for those rough mornings and a full spray with massage for whenever you feel like it.

Down to the smaller specs of this Delta, you should note that this item features a pause function which reduces water to a trickle but helps you maintain the exact temperature you were at beforehand, allowing you to freely shave…etc.

2 – Delta Faucet 58065-RB shower head review

Delta Faucet 58065-SS In2ition shower head reviewYes, we got ourselves another Delta Faucet because frankly, it doesn’t get any better than this. Indeed, Delta shower heads come at a variety of shapes and designs and almost every Delta shower head seems to be harvesting nothing but positive reviews all around. So, what is the secret behind that and most importantly, why should you pick this one?

The Delta 58065-RB is a uniquely designed shower head with an impressive set of skills and a remarkable functionality. The shower at hand might appear like every other head but this one truly deserves a solid Delta intuition shower head review.

The core aspect of this delta is the fact that it is extremely powerful both as a combination or when the head is separated from the hand. The shower head combo features an extremely impressive range which is guaranteed to submerge your entire body under a rainfall of perfect temperature water and at the right pressure, it will make it a lot faster as well. Then there is the hand shower which is equally powerful even when used individually.

The handle can of course be used for finishing touches but it will also do a great job washing your pets or the bathing area once done. This in fact might just be the best Delta shower head on this list and the fact that you might proceed to review another shower head significantly reduces your chances of getting the best.

3 – Delta Faucet 58471-PK shower head review

Delta Faucet 58471-PK H2O shower head reviewOkay, perhaps there is still a chance for you to make the perfect purchase because that is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Delta Faucet 58471-PK. This shower head does not only look good but it features H20 kinetic technology which gives you the sensation of more water, making it fit right in the category of legendary Delta shower heads.

The unit at hand is rather different than its predecessors as it features a rather unique design. The pours on this head are observably larger than the previous models and that has got a lot of pros. Indeed, you can’t deny that the thicker the water stream the more realistic the shower feels. It truly makes a difference to be exposed to a continuous stream of water when compared to a sprinkle and that is something to keep in mind.

Do not over-think this as the water pressure will not budge and especially when you alter to using the hand shower independently from the mother ship. The hand can be used for those hard to reach areas on your body but it will also serve as a neat little tool to clean your pets, smaller carpets… and eventually to clean the tub once it’s all over.

PS: the docking on the head shower is magnetic which makes placing the hand back in extremely simple.

4 – Delta Faucet T14251 shower head review

Delta Faucet T14251 Dryden shower head reviewAlright, so we got a completely new design for you because we really care about you and want to provide you with the best Delta shower heads in all shapes and forms. Hence, comes the T14251.

There is obviously a slight, not so slight, difference between this shower head and the previous reviewed ones. In fact, it is evident that this head features a square head instead of a round one and that is actually more practical than you would think. Perhaps you’ve gotten used to the round classic shower head but it is physically proven that a larger square head is capable of doing a better job.

Just take a look at all those tiny little pours which will evidently grant you the most immersive shower experience of all times. The rainfall that this head is capable of producing is indeed impressive and if you take a look at any of the newer shower panels, you’ll notice a strikingly similar design for the head.

The simplistic design of the Delta Faucet T14251 is its strength but it’s also important to note that it is what makes shower head more likely to appeal to people looking for a new shower experience and that gives it higher ground.

The chrome shower head is indeed neat but in order to complete the unit you must purchase rough-in R10000-UNBX or you can do without it of course.

5 – Delta Faucet 58045-SS shower head review

Delta Faucet 58045-SS shower head reviewOne step at a time, we finally reached the 58045-SS, a shower head from another planet. Indeed, the design of the Delta Faucet shower head at hand grants it an alien feel which, if you watch sci-fi movies, usually means extremely advanced technology.

In all earnestness, the Delta Faucet at hand is just as impressive in terms of performance as any of the previously reviewed heads but the design is only meant for a selected few. There is no denial that all Delta shower heads are reliable but one design can’t simply appeal to everybody and that explains the 58045-SS perfectly.

You can obviously use the head/hand shower combo or activate the functions independently from one another. This will grant you a wider variety of choices and that which you’ll need in the near future. The shower combo is obviously powerful enough to grant you a deluxe shower but once the hand is removed, you can also reach critical spots, not to mention that it can also be used to wash your toddlers or pets and to clean the tub at last.

6 – Delta Faucet 75525RB shower head review

Delta Faucet 75525RB shower head reviewThis might be just another Delta but it’s actually one of the most affordable sets in the market as of now. Indeed, Delta Faucet showerheads in general are known for being extremely reliable and this little guy is no exception for sure. The set at hand looks like venetian bronze and performs like Italy in a soccer world-cup.

Beyond exterior design, the 75525RB is also genuinely engineered to exert a steady yet powerful water pressure in a range which is easier to direct than the previous models and a lot more practical while at it. The fact that this faucet is smaller than the previously reviewed models does seem to be a disadvantage. However, it wouldn’t be the case if it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

This set can obviously be used as a shower head and one which will perform nicely but it’ll work even better as a hand shower obviously and an extremely practical one. I don’t know if you noticed already but what this set is lacking in terms of “shower-head” is clearly adding to the hand shower option.

Speaking of which, when removed, the faucet can be used to wash your toddlers, pets and eventually the bathing area.

This might be a smaller Delta but it’s definitely worth it, considering the fairly friendly price tag. Hence, if that’s all you need then why look further?

7 – Delta 52685-PK Raincan shower head review

Delta 52685-PK Raincan Single-Setting Adjustable Arm Showerhead reviewThis might look like an 80s faucet but it’s a lot more than just that. Yes, we are not going to deny the fact that it’s classically designed, but this Delta is intentionally meant to look the way it is and there are quite a lot of people who are fond of it. Indeed, the classic can look very intriguing but also pretty practical and that is something you’ll only understand once you step under it.

The shower head at hand is also known for being pretty powerful and at 2.5 gallons per minute, it is rightly so. This basically means that water pressure is going to be non challengeable at all times, especially with the right water heater. Nevertheless, the greatest aspect of the 52685-PK remains the fact that it makes a stunning rainfall.

The rainfall feature is rather essential in modern day shower heads and this set knows exactly how to bring about it. This Delta might be extremely affordable but that doesn’t take away from its practicality and efficiency as it is determined to grant you one of the most immersive rainfalls you’ve ever experienced.

The shower head features a 12 inches shower arm which happens to be adjustable and that will enable you to enjoy your shower no matter how tall you are.

If we could describe the Delta 52685-PK in 2 words, it would be “just right”.

8 – Delta Faucet 58472 shower head review

Delta Faucet 58472 shower head reviewYes, we got ourselves a universal shower head here and it is one of the few Deltas with larger pours for a more immersive shower. The unit is unsurprisingly made of chrome which will basically never go rusty and also look extremely good. The set at hand however does quite a lot than just looking good as it is reviewed for being one of the best Delta Shower heads in the industry.

With only a few left in stock, you can only imagine the demands on such a faucet and a lot of that is credited to the synchronic design and the larger pours. It is true that there are a lot of people who prefer rainfalls but many others can appreciate the smoother and heavier rain which feels better and also covers more ground in a shorter period of time.

The set is obviously kinetic but most importantly it is a 2 in 1 kind of deal. The Delta Faucet 58472 can be used as a shower head with both head and hand but these 2 can also function separately, granting you more freedom to reach those critical spots. The smaller shower hand can also be sued to clean your toddlers, pets and finally the bathing area.

This Delta faucet shower head has a couple extra features such as the massage spray mode and the fact that it’s rather simple to install. So, if you like what it has to offer, don’t hesitate.

9 – Delta Faucet 75700WH shower head review

Delta 75700WH Seven-Spray Hand Shower head reviewThen comes this masterpiece. Yes, it is by no means an exaggeration when we say that this delta might just be the best hand shower in the market and we got all kinds of fact to prove it. First and foremost, it is a Delta and that’s by definition grants it the higher ground when compared to other brands because if Delta can do anything, it is quality.

Now that we got quality confirmed, the second reasonable question is what does this shower hand has got to offer me that I can’t find anywhere else. Well, the answer to that might turn you away but there’s not a huge difference in design between most shower hands in the market. However, this set is definitely a lot more trust worthy.

The Delta Faucet 75700WG features diverse modes for diverse uses. The set can thus be used as a shower head rainfall and at that, it will perform surprisingly well. You wouldn’t expect a small shower hand to completely cover your entire body but this shower hand can definitely do that. Also, the set offers a massage spray function with anti clog to remove mineral deposits which otherwise end up being a problem eventually. To switch modes, the hand features an easy-turn spray dial and for only a few bucks, it is definitely worth it.

10 – Delta Faucet 75152 shower head review

Delta 75152 shower head reviewLast but definitely not least is your standard single function shower head. Whether you are a gym owner or a simple human being, you can definitely appreciate this shower head. With H2O kinetic technology, the water will run smoother and get the task done effectively and in a shorter period of time. To cut it short, this is the kind of shower heads that would be extremely practical for short quick showers and to expected anything else from it would be a drag.

Believe it or not but even at this size, this Delta can still function at a 2.5 gallons per minute burst and that is something to cherish because what that means is that you can get the same amount of water out of this as you would out of a bigger shower head. Thus, it will simply boil down to a matter of personal use.

Hence, if you’re looking for a quick rite of passage shower head then you’ve definitely found your match and for an extremely affordable price. However, if you’re looking for something more fulfilling for you and your family then feel free to check any of the 9 other shower heads on this list as we’re sure you’l find your match.