Best Shower Panels Reviews

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Have you ever looked at your shower and felt like you deserve a little more? After all, this is the place where you end up every morning or night, the place where you exhale your frustrations and build up new dreams.

Just like everyone else, you too make your biggest life decisions under your shower head but you have never considered that it too deserves some thought. It wasn’t up till now that you realized you can actually upgrade your shower and it’s about time.

You wouldn’t believe what you have been missing while sinking in your classic shower slumber. Day after day, the industry innovates and creates a new shower and at this point you feel overwhelmed by your options. However, not to worry because we took the initiative to design a list of the best shower panels in the market place.

5 Best Shower Panel Systems

1 – Decor Star 004-SS 64-Inch

Decor Star 004-SS 64" Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel reviewWould you take a look at this master piece by décor star? Perhaps you’ve already read a couple shower panel reviews but I’m certain that none would do fairness to this unit. This stunning silver stainless steel panel is not only beautifully designed but it is also equipped with everything you can imagine to find on a shower panel.

This model might not be the best shower panel but it is definitely amongst the best in the industry as of now and a lot of that credit is attributed to its various functions. The Star offers 4 shower stages which can be used in whatever order you prefer. However, it is mostly advisable to start at rainfall mode then waterfall to horizontal massage spray and finally hand shower. (The shower panel features an independent valve control for each function. Not to mention that all functions can be turned on simultaneously.

With 50 rainfall nozzles and 100 horizontal spray massage nozzles, you can only imagine how immersive your next shower would be. Beyond the smart design, the spotlight is rather completely taken by the thermostatic control which will significantly minimize the chances of getting scalded by accident every time you try to even the temperature of your shower.

PS: This panel will make you feel like a king/queen and that’s a feeling I’m sure you’d like to experience again and again…

2 – Blue Ocean 52” SPV878392H

Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel reviewThe blue ocean is one gigantic engineering wonder. This one has easily harvested mostly positive shower panel reviews since it landed in the market space but there is no secret as to how it managed to get so popular in no time.

This might be a 52” panel but every inch of it is stainless steel covered in blue tempered glass which is pretty fundamental since this is a shower panel and the last thing you’d want is a rusty one.

Beyond aesthetics, which is obviously a winning aspect of the Blue Ocean, this panel is also cleverly engineered to put out the best shower experience you can imagine. Unlike the previous model, this one actually features 8 jet nozzles in addition to the gigantic rainfall which will make you feel as if you’re scuba-diving in the warm Maldivian waters. Blue Ocean also comes with a separate multi-functional shower head and a spout for critical washing. As expected, each function from the above operates individually to maintain stable water pressure.

This is not very common but this shower panel isn’t actually that hard to install. Not to mention that it also comes with its proper installation accessories. Another neat little feature of the Blue Ocean is the tiny temperature display which will come in very handy for those of you who wish not to scald or freeze their skin first thing in the morning.

3 – AKDY AK-787392M 52″

AKDY AK-787392M 52" Tempered Glass Aluminum Shower Panel system reviewYet another 52 inches beast, except this time, it’s slightly better looking than the previous shower panels. The AKDY is a robust aluminium panel with quite the luxurious feel may I add. This model is undeniably neat but the engineering goes even further which makes it one of your top choices on this list.

Just like the Blue Ocean, this AKDY also features 8 separate / adjustable jet nozzles for those of you who crave that early morning water massage. In fact, this set can create a dazzling mist and massage combination which will make you struggle to leave every morning. The AKDY is also hooked with a massive horizontal rainfall head which is guaranteed to cover the entirety of your body and cleanse you properly and quickly. PS: The functions on this model also work independently to ensure proper water pressure.

Beyond the unique functionality, it is important to note that the AKDY also features a neat little temperature indicator behind the tempered glass which will make it possible for you to monitor your water temperature and adjust it accordingly while completely avoiding any unpleasant accidents.

Last but definitely not least, the AKDY comes with a one year long warranty which reassures the user even more that this is actually a reliable shower panel and not just a flimsy little construction that will go berserk in no time.

4 – Blue Ocean 52″ SPA392M

blue ocean SPA392M Shower panel tower reviewYes, we officially have 2 Blue Oceans on this list and it’s not a coincidence either. We said that our goal would be to bring you the best shower panels in the industry and we are not about to cut corners just because 2 of them happen to be made by the same manufacturer. In fact, if anything, this should be more of a reason to legitimize this panel because it stands for a reputable brand.

Accordingly, the SPA392M is not so far from what it stands for as it is truly a SPA in a panel. Yes, this model contains pretty much everything you need from a SPA saloon and for a lot less in the long run. Hence, the SPA392M features quite an impressive 8 multi-functional nozzles that are capable of condensing water to a solid degree of pressure, enabling you to fully enjoy the effect of the vertical washer.

It is also important to note that the nozzles are in fact adjustable which means you can align them the way you prefer in order with your height and size. Further, this panel also features a luxurious rainfall shower head which will submerge your entire body under the fall. Last but definitely not least, the SPA392M also comes with a separate handled shower head for those critical areas.

On top of all this, this Blue Ocean also features a couple other interesting specs which are going to prove pretty useful in no time. Perhaps it is impressive enough that every function on this panel works independently but the LED temperature display is even a niftier touch which will help you monitor the temperature of your water constantly and consequently avoid scalding or freezing yourself accidentally.

5 – Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65″ SP0057

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65" SP0057 shower panel system reviewYou might wonder if we saved the best for last this time as well and at this point, you know we did. Of course we saved the best for last because we need you to move up gradually and determine which panel is right for you but there is no way you can go beyond this Perfetto SP0057 without making your purchase.

This right here is one of the best shower panels in the industry and perhaps even the way it looks speaks louder than words can. The Perfetto SP0057 is actually a newer brand but it has already set the bar so high for its competition that we can’t tell if it’s possible to surpass it anymore.

Say hello to this legendary multi-functional bathroom shower panel tower system. Just like that title, this panel has got a lot to offer and it all starts with the fascinating dark stainless steel body. This panel right here doesn’t only function amazingly but it can also significantly improve the overall look of your bathroom and frankly, that matters quite a lot.

Beyond the slender / neat design, the panel at hand also features an interesting set of functions which puts your older shower head to shame. The Perfetto SP0057 is hooked with 8 angle adjustable nozzles which means that you can consequently adjust the nozzles according to your height and size. The panel also features a deluxe rainfall shower head which will surely submerge your entire body and cleanse you properly. However, if you need an even more immersive experience then feel free to try out the waterfall function. Note that all these functions can operate separately and independently from one another.

A couple more enticing details about the Perfetto SP0057 is the fact that it is extremely simple to install and doesn’t require a professional. In fact, the company even includes all the materials and accessories you’ll need to set up your panel and all for a very reasonable price. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself the panel you know you deserve.