Eccotemp i12 Tankless Water Heater Review

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If you are familiar with tankless water heaters, you are necessarily familiar with Eccotemp. Since its genesis, this brand has been snatching positive reviews from all around and for all the good reasons too.

The Eccotemp was initiated exactly in 2004 and has specialized since in creating and innovating the best heating technology, specifically in the US and Canada. Not only does that means this is a quality brand but also one which is designated to overcome harsh climates and obstacles alike. It’s no mystery that Canada and some parts of the US can get really cold, as it is known that heaters mostly suffer to generate enough hot water the colder it gets. Therefore, the fact that this brand designs heaters in/for the region makes them much more reliable when times get rough.

The Eccotemp is one of the few brands with a vision and that can be observed through the progress it has been making over the years. The motive behind that is, as the manufacturer claims, to educate the traders and consumers alike on the benefits of energy and water conservation that is accessible via tankless water heaters.

In fact it has been proven that tankless water heaters are much better at conserving water and energy alike because tanks are a liability. What that means is that you won’t have to worry about spoiling a half full tank because you’re done with your shower nor keeping 50 gallons of water constantly at a high temperature.

The perk of tankless water heaters is that they instantly heat your water right at the source and can be switched off when done without consequences.

Eccotemp i12 Review

Eccotemp i12 tankless water heater reviewThat being said, let’s take a look at one of the finest models Eccotemp has to offer. The unit at hand goes by the name Eccotemp i12 which comes in two models to support natural gas and propane which accentuates consumer preference. This Eccotemp is an indoor model only but don’t worry because it looks sharp. Beyond technological advancement, this manufacturer has put a lot of effort in design as well in order to make their units more stylish and futuristic looking.

But looks are not everything because even if you don’t like the design, you can still conceal pretty much any indoor water heater in a closet of some sort. So, let’s talk efficiency. The Eccotemp i12 may not be as powerful as a Rheem but it is still pretty powerful. With a continuous flow rate of 3.0 gallons per minute, this unit can cater for a household of 1 bathroom and the regular house chores at ease, making it perfect for most middle class families. However, this unit will slightly struggle with bigger houses.

Beyond the GPM, the i12 is a state of art water heater. The technology supporting this model is simply remarkable and user friendly. This model has fully automatic temperature control with a digital display which means you can choose the temperature you desire and lock it at that. The unit is also supported by power ventilation to assure your safety as well as the efficiency of the machine. Moreover, the i12 is equipped with tested-safe electronic ignition system that runs on batteries, so you won’t have to worry about igniting it externally.

Last but not least, nothing says we trust our product like a healthy warranty life and this unit is exactly that. With a two years warranty (must be installed by licensed professional to activate), you can freely use this unit without a concern. In fact, you can count on it to last more than one decade at least because that’s the average life-span of tankless water heaters in general which makes the Eccotemp i12 a very wise choice.