Eemax Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

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When it comes to tankless water heaters, we are pretty familiar with names such as Rheem, Bosch and Takagi but Eemax? Well, the reason why Eemax is less radiant is because it is a relatively new name but it’s coming strong into the scene.

The Eemax has proven reliable performance at toughest conditions due to an advanced technological base which is described as “better than anyone else in the business”.

Nevertheless, as important as the technological foundation is, what else does this brand has to offer?

Well, Eemax also promises better efficiency ratios due to their direct heating technology which throws quartz tubes and sheathed elements off the chart. Direct heating elements convey heat quickly towards your water source, heating it quickly and more efficiently than any other technology.

Eemax is also betting on durability by claiming their heaters would usually last up to 20 years which is not that uncommon amongst tankless water heaters in general to be honest.

Tankless water heaters are known for being much more reliable and durable than traditional tank water heaters and evidently they last longer because simply there’s less room for them to go faulty.

Speaking of which, there are many reasons to seriously consider switching from tank to tankless water heaters and I can go on all day about this but instead, I’ll make it short. Tankless water heaters can last longer, as mentioned earlier, because it’s usually the tank that collapses first on traditional heaters, not to mention that tankless heaters are better equipped technologically. Second, tankless water heaters are compact and size efficient which makes them perfect for apartment buildings and basically anyone who doesn’t want an everlasting tank in their basement. Thirdly, tankless means 99% thermal efficiency compared to 64% on the tank side. Beside the initial cost which is considerably higher on tankless water heaters (PS: Tankless heaters can save you up to a $100 on bills yearly), they’re undeniably your best option.

So then, let’s assume you’re interested in Eemax, the question which stands is: what Eemax should you pick? Well, let’s look at some of their best offers.

Eemax Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

Eemax HA036240 Review

Eemax HA036240 electric tankless water heater reviewFirst choice is the Eemax HA036240 which is one of their most powerful electric models. This tankless heater promises a continuous flow rate of 7.5 gallons per minute which can easily handle a home of 2 to 3 bathrooms and the rest of the household’s essential needs. This unit is reinforced by copper heat exchanger with brass top for maximal efficiency and you should be able to tell the difference.

The HA036240 is a technological wonder and you can tell from first glance. This tankless water heater is extremely compact which makes it possible to conceal it pretty much anywhere in your household. Also, the digital temperature display is a life saver, meaning you won’t have to play the guessing game any longer and even set it to the temperature you desire, using the control knob.

Moreover, this unit is arguably durable but most importantly, it is easy to handle which means you can replace heating elements without the help of a licensed professional. To wrap it up, nothing says we trust our product like a healthy warranty and this model is no exception to the Eemax family.

Eemax HA027240 Review

Eemax HA027240 electric tankless water heater reviewAnother strong contender is the Eemax HA027240 which is also a tankless electric unit only this one is slightly less powerful than the previous model. This water heater has a comfortable flow rate of 6.0 gallons per minute which is more than enough for a household of 2 bathrooms or less, making it a perfect choice for middle class families.

This heater is equally advanced technology-wise, meaning it is user friendly as it comes with the regular digital temperature display and the temperature control possibility. The model at hand is shaped similarly to the standard Eemax which means it’s shaped like a square but a very fit one. The unit is solid and compatible which makes it convenient to install inside the house without making a scene.

Durability wise, most Eemax in this category come with the same warranty life and that’s because the company trusts its products equally and does not put more or less work in one of their models based on how powerful they are. Also, can you imagine that it weighs only 18 pounds as a whole?

Eemax HA024240 Review

Eemax HA024240 electric tankless water heater reviewThird Eemax is the HA024240 which has smaller numbers in case you’re counting but not necessarily less power.

Accordingly, this model generates a continuous flow rate of 6.0 gallons per minute, making it the equal of the aforementioned model in might but considerably less expensive. But why? They are both Eemax, both tankless both electric and both have a continuous flow rate of 6.0 GPM. Well, the only different is that the previous model runs on 27 kW while this one runs on 24 kW only which means that one is more powerful, therefore faster to deliver hot water. Nevertheless, once they both reach their goal temperature, the flow rate is similar.

Technology-wise, this model is no different as it can perform all the tasks similarly to the previous two models (temperature monitoring and control). Also, this unit is fortified with copper heat exchanger with brass top for a faster response rate. The required wiring is different on each unit depending on how powerful it is and your household’s electric circuit. Therefore, this one requires 3 x 8 AWG wire size whereas others will require a different wiring. Therefore, it’s safer to hire a licensed professional to take care of installation for you.

Speaking of which, hiring a licensed professional for installation is essential in order to maintain a solid warranty. So, don’t risk it because it’s a big warranty.

Eemax Point-of-use water heaters

Now moving to less powerful units, also known as point of use water heaters which are basically units that are meant to be installed adjacent to the water source (Ex: under your sink – by the shower head – In the washing room…) for maximal efficiency. (PS: these units can be linked to bigger units for improved performance).

Eemax HA013240 ReviewEemax HA013240 review

Beginning with the Eemax HA013240 which is incredibly small and weighs hardly 7 pounds, it is extremely compatible but still considerably powerful. Even at this size, this model promises a continuous flow rate of 3 gallons per minute which is enough for a shower head and more than powerful for a sink or a washing machine.

This unit might be small but it is still technologically up for a challenge. The HA013240 also features a digital temperature display and a control knob to adjust temperature willingly. It is reinforced with copper heater exchanger with brass top and a solid warranty, making it incredibly reliable.

Eemax HA011240 Review

Eemax HA011240 electric tankless water heater reviewLast but not least is the Eemax HA011240 which is a less powerful model but can still get the job done. With a similar flow rate of 3.0 gallons per minute, this unit can easily compete with the previous model yet similarly to the previous example, this unit runs on less kW, making it slightly slower.

Just like the previous option, this model is extremely compatible and size efficient as well as technologically equipped. The temperature display is still present along with the temperature control knob and the copper improvement. All in all, the HA011240 is a reliable point of use heater which will keep its promises but if you’re expecting anything more than that, then you’ll be disappointed.