Moen Shower Head Reviews

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There is a slight difference between just any shower head and a Moen but it is that slight difference which makes all the difference. Moen is one of the few brands out there which strictly specialises in making top quality shower heads and not just any kind of shower heads.

This might sound like a bit of a stretch but we would go as far as to say that this brand stands strong amongst the top 3 in the industry and it all boils down to diversity.

Moen shower heads come in a variety of shapes and colours that aim at embodying most users’ preferences. So, take a seat and get ready to cruise down the isle of the top 10 Moen shower heads on the market as of now.

Best Moen Shower Heads 2017

1-Moen 26100EPSRN Shower Head Review

Moen 26100EPSRN Shower Head ReviewFirst and foremost comes one of the newer additions to the brand and it is one which has already managed to stand out, harvesting a bunch of positive reviews.

The 26100EPSRN is a special little magnetic shower head with plenty of potential. This unit’s main strength resides in the fact that it looks very well done and that is essential because the aesthetic aspect of a shower head will come of great importance if you desire for your bathroom to remain coherent.

The model at hand goes beyond its basic design to a simply impressive functional shower head. This Moen features a neat six function spray-head.

Affirmative, beyond the magnetic easy release docking system, this unit is capable of shifting through 6 different functions at a turn of a dial, depending on your current needs. It is worthy to note that this is a kink free metal hose which extends reach and flexibility.

A couple extra features of the Moen 26100EPSRN is the fact that it always docks facing forward to avoid splashing outside the shower which is pretty useful. All in all, this little device can offer pretty much all you need from a shower head and a little more, so give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

2-Moen S6320 Velocity Shower Head Review

Moen S6320 Velocity Shower Head ReviewThis right here is known as Moen S6320 Velocity which is a catchy little name for a catchy shower head. Indeed, this is a different shower head for different people but perhaps it is also the one for you.

The S6320 Velocity is made of mirror like chrome which is both durable and attractive but aesthetic isn’t everything you need to know about this unit. In fact, there is a lot more to it than just that.

The Moen at hand is an 8 inches shower head which delivers expansive water coverage but it’s also a fixed shower head. This model features immersion technology which increases spray power for a thorough rinse. Beyond that, the S6320 has an adjustable water flow which allows you to quickly shift between a powerful stream and the various rain rinse modes.

These are but a few features that this model has to offer and it can all be summed up in a shower head which is capable of producing an adequate rain fall to rinse your entire body thoroughly but most importantly in less time than a smaller narrower head.

One little extra feature to keep in mind is that the unit at hand is slightly adjustable to cater for your height and requirements. So, make sure to check it out.

3-Moen 26008 Magnetix Shower Head Review

Moen 26008 Magnetix Shower Head ReviewYes, another magnetic shower head! Yes, but in all fairness these are pretty neat. Not to mention that all the shower heads on the list are made by Moen, which makes them even more reliable. This however is slight different than the previously reviewed shower heads on this list and it all comes down to design.

After all, performance is not an area of concern but design is slightly more impactful. This model comes in a chrome finish which is not only long lasting but it also leaves an elegant touch on your bathroom.

As mentioned earlier, there is a magnetic clip on the shower head which means that all you need to do is bring it close enough to the base once done and it will seamlessly clip onto it. Keep in mind that with the 3 way diverter, you can easily use your rain shower head by hand or over the head or both. But here’s the best thing about this Moen: this one actually comes with 6 different settings to accommodate for different situations and needs + a pause button which will help you maintain the temperature and not risk needlessly scalding yourself.

The Moen 26008 Magnetix shower head comes with a 60 inches flexible metal hose and that is something which will come in extremely handy in the long run.

4-Moen 21005 Refresh Shower Head Review

Moen 21005 Refresh Showerhead reviewAlright, perhaps the previously reviewed shower heads were not to your taste but we certainly doubt you’ll have second thoughts about this one.

There is a slight difference between the other Moens and this one, well actually, it’s a large difference and you’ll see why right now. You can’t really miss it when looking at this set, the Moen 21005 Refresh comes with a shower hand and a shower head which are both covered in shiny chrome. The chrome cover will not only keep the set from rusting but it’ll also add a nice little touch on your bathroom.

However, looks are not what this model is primarily known for. Indeed, this Moen is sleeping on a diverse set of functions for different occasions and different people. Where the over head unit produces an immersive rain shower, the shower hand can be used to wash your toddler or pet as it can be used to reach critical areas or simply clean the bathing area once done. Also, it is important to note that the showerhead is slightly adjustable which is quite the touch.

All in all, this is one of the shower sets which are equipped with everything you need now and in the future. So, make sure to think hard and long before you to the next item on this list.

5-Moen 3669EPBN Shower Head Review

Moen 3669EPBN Shower Head ReviewAlright, we’re back to one of the most standard Moen shower heads but in fact it’s more than it looks like. Indeed, this model looks rather classic and simple which might appeal to a lot of people but if you need a little more than that then you need to look further into the functional aspect of this little guy.

The Moen 3669EPBN may have a vintage design but when it comes to its functional features, it is more futuristic than you would think. This right here is a minimalistic shower hand with a long extended hose and 4 relaxing spray modes which can be easily activated depending on your preference at the moment.

Actually, you must know that this unit features a double interlock spiral metal hose with a long enough 69 inches range.

The brushed nickel finish might look cool but the fact that you can use this shower hand to easily cleanse your toddler or pet and eventually clean up your bathing area is even more impressive. There surely is the obvious use for the unit but these little secondary utilities make of it quite the catch. So, make sure to check it out!

6-Moen TS2712 Shower Head Review

Moen TS2712 Shower Head ReviewOkay! We have ourselves a rain fall shower head and it is a newer Moen as well.

This has probably received a limited share of Moen shower head reviews because it’s relatively newer but it definitely has got plenty of potential. This is obviously a different design for a different category of showerers and hopefully you land amongst them because you got yourself a nice catch in here. The model at hand features a minimalist design with a chrome finish which should smoothly fit in with pretty much any bathroom design.

Beyond looks however, the Moen TS2712 shower head has got a lot to offer and a lot of the credit goes to the wide base of the showerhead. This is indeed a large showerhead and that usually means a more immersive shower experience with far less movement to get the water to cover your entire body. While that is definitely a plus, you can also adjust the head for a more comfortable setting.

The model at hand also features a self pressurizing technology which increases spray power for a thorough rinse.

If you’re looking for a neat and immersive stable showerhead then it simply couldn’t get better than this both in terms of design and functionality. So, if you think that this showerhead is the right one for you, do not hesitate because it most probably is.

7-Moen 26100SRN Shower Head Review

Moen 26100SRN Shower Head ReviewWhile this model might appear similar to the first item on this list, it is actually very different as it comes with a different capacity and functions. The 26100SRN is a classic shower head and that’s what makes it even more appealing to most people.

We do want an innovative design but we also want to maintain a familiar functionality which is exactly what this unit is all about.

The engineering of this Moen shower head might not surprise you but the brushed nickel cover definitely puts a spell on this unit. You might think that this is just a random taint but it is actually purposefully designed to blend in with pretty much any bathroom design so that it doesn’t distort your existing layout.

Beyond looks however, the 26100SRN has quite the set of tricks under its sleeves and it all comes down to the multiple functions it’s willing to offer. This is primarily a rain shower head but it also harbours a massage function and a few others in between. Beyond the fact that it’s a magnetic showerhead with clip on technology, this model can also maintain high water pressure throughout temperature variance which is not so difficult for a 2.5 GPM unit.

The 26100SRN comes within a complete package which guarantees perfectly simple installation which will deliver you from requesting a professional to install it. These however are but a few things you need to know about this design. Hence, if it appeals to you, make sure to get one and experience the full range of its properties!

8-Moen 26602 Magnetix Shower Head Review

Moen 26602 Magnetix Shower Head ReviewSay hello to the showerhead of the year. Indeed, the Moen 26602 may generally resemble a standard showerhead but it harbours a load of features which set it apart from everything else in the market as of now. The design of this unit seams to resemble an alien ship which says a lot about the technology behind it. This unit is obviously magnetic and that will enable you to smoothly clip the handle back on the port at perfect ease.

This Moen is clearly made of chrome which is also one of the best materials that a showerhead can be based off. Chrome is both shiny and spot resistant which will save you plenty of needless labour and add a neat touch onto your bathroom. Past design however, this model has quite a few features to exhibit and it all begins with the large head which will grant you an immersive shower experience, especially when fixed to the port. Also, this Moen comes with 6 spray settings that range from rain shower to massage therapy, granting you multiple options to filter for your perfect pressure.

What you must keep in mind before proceeding to the next model is that this design was actually voted as one of the 100 best showerheads in the market by “this old house” and if that testimony doesn’t cut it for you then we don’t know what would.

9-Moen 3638BN Shower Head Review

Moen 3638BN Shower Head ReviewThe longer we delve into these Moens, the more difficult it is to make these latest models appeal to you but we have faith that this one will find its loving fan base although we saved it for the latest spots. The 3638BN is a simply classic shower head of a fitting brushed nickel which appears to be compatible with pretty much any and every bathroom design in the U.S.

Let’s postpone exterior design for a bit however and take a look at what this unit has got to offer which others don’t. The Moen at hand is undeniably simple and that also happens to be something a lot of people are looking for because perhaps you just want a sturdy and reliable showerhead. If that’s the case then we are very confident that you have just found your match because this unit is all that and a lot more.

The 3638 harbours 4 separate functions which are a combination of rain shower and massage therapy, a full spray, an invigorating spray and a targeted massage. I know, we are also at owe that this small showerhead can offer this variety of options but we are not truly surprised as this is a Moen after all.Hence, if you’re looking for a minimalistic showerhead with everything you need then we don’t think it would get better than this. So, place your bet and see how you like it!

10-Moen 6300 Shower Head Review

Moen 6300 Shower Head ReviewAnd here we are at the tenth item on the list and you’re absolutely right if you’re thinking that we’re gradually moving from complex to simpler units because what we got for your right here is probably the most monotonous yet robust showerhead you can find in the market.

This right here is a mono function showerhead which comes in a variety of 3 colours: brushed nickel, chrome and brushed brass. So, choose carefully because beyond that, you have nowhere to hide from the basic features of this Moen.

Once a Moen always a Moen and that is something you should keep in mind as you read through this last review because this right here is a minimalistic mono function shower head and quality is key. For a little unit however the 6300 is surprisingly powerful and that is essential for a fixed unit because it’s the only thing capable of giving you a quick yet proper rinse. Hence, if you’re a gym owner or you’re building a neat little backyard shower then this is your catch because it is both reliable and extremely robust.

So, it shouldn’t be difficult to make up your mind upon which Moen you’re taking home because everyone of these is simply different and fitting for a different category of users. So, if you find your target in this design then you won’t regret making the purchase! So, go and get your Moen right now!