The Best RV Water Heater Reviews

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Having hot water when you are going on a road trip or are out camping is essential. Whether it is to wash dirty dishes or to take a quick shower, hot water especially becomes essential in such instances. Therefore, all RVs must have a water heater, whether one with a tank or tankless. There are quite a few options in the best tankless water heaters and those without to choose from.

Here are the top 6 water heaters especially suitable for RVs.

1. EZ 101 Tankless Water Heater

The EZ 101 is an economical purchase that comes with a power efficiency of 85%. It has an in-built ignition system powered by 2 D batteries that need to purchased separately. It is quite light, weighing at 14 pounds only. It can run on both propane as well as LPG without compromising on the efficiency. A variety of knobs on the machine means easy to use and greater control, whether it concerns the temperature and the water flow. It also offers the unique feature of controlling the burner flame and the number of burners you use at a time.

The heater comes with the automatic shut-off feature that turns the device of if it has been running for more than 20 minutes, averting the risk of a fire. While the unit can be installed inside the vehicle, the vent needs to directed accordingly to avoid accumulation of carbon monoxide.

2. Girard 2GWHAM On-Demand Water Heater

Perhaps one of the best water heaters out there, the Girard 2GWHAM is another good option for an RV. It is easy to install, reliable and compact. It comes tankless but can perfectly fit with any 6-gallon tank. Moreover, its mechanism ensure that fresh water is not wasted and neither LP. The temperature settings are easy to use and come with a digital control. If it detects a change in the temperature of incoming water, it automatically adjusts the heating requirement accordingly.

This water heater is especially designed to endure winters with its freeze protection feature. This will work as long as the device is turned on. Moreover, it does not require a lot of power to operate. It does however require a minimum flow rate that is around 0.9 gpm and the hot water delay is only 10 to 15 seconds which is pretty decent.

3. Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable Water Heater

One of the best point of use water heaters, the Ecotemp L10 model is ideal for RVs but equally suitable to be permanently installed outside. Its 2.5 GPM capacity for hot water allows it to work well to fulfill shower needs. In addition to using propane to run, it uses 2 D batteries for ignition. The system only starts once water has entered it which ensures that there is no overheating. It also comes with an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in if the device keeps on working for 20 minutes or tilts 45 degrees or more either way. This feature reduces the risk of the system running overtime or causing a fire.

The Eccotemp L10 water heater comes with all its fittings and hence, no extra accessories need to be bought separately. This makes it quite convenient to install. Moreover, the water heater has especially been designed to withstand harsh weather outside and is therefore durable for extreme weathers. It can also easily be turned on and heats water quickly.

4. Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Water Heater

As the name suggests, this water heater is tankless but very energy efficient. It is portable and while you can set it up easily in your RV, it can also be set up outside while you are camping. It uses very low energy and can even operate without electricity since it employs propane to work. Moreover, it can work on 2 D batteries as well which have to be bought separately. It has two knobs, one for temperature and the other for flow. So, you can easily change the temperature as well as the flow at which water is flowing.

One of its best features is that it does not need high pressure water source to work. A mere 2.5 PSI is enough. Its output of hot water per minute is 1.32 gallons. This water heater is especially good for larger parties as it can easily warm water without much delay and work for as long as needed.

5. Excel Tankless Gas Water Heater

In addition to being suitable for RVs, the Excel tankless heater is suitable to be installed indoors too. It is energy efficient and saves water too. Moreover, it also is able to heat water quite quickly without much delay. The heater has a magnetic sensor that detects the water flow successfully. There is mechanism that enables easy adjustment of the rate of water flow too.

This water heater comes in a very sleek design. It runs on propane and doesn’t need electricity. It can also run on 2 D alkaline batteries that are included in the pack and can last for 180 days on average. It does not require a pressurizer pump and can start water pressure as low as 2 PSI. The heat exchanger is in pure copper and come with a lifetime warranty. The unit is also accompanied by a brass LPG flare adaptor to regulate gas.

6. Atwood Mobile 96110 Pilot Ignition Water Heater

The only water heater in the list with a tank, the Atwood Mobile 96110 comes with a 6-gallon water heating capacity. The aluminum tank does not require an anode rod which makes it simple to install and use. The design is simple but durable, making it a reliable option for RVs. The Styrofoam cover ensures that the water stays hot for a long time, thus reducing the amount of energy consumed by the heater to keep the water warm.

The model is quiet when it works and takes around 20 minutes to heat up all the water in the tank. The exhaust grill or the door will need to be purchased. Since the ignition is not electric, it needs to be lit manually every time. However, once you light it, the pilot will ensure that it keep on going.